I have 14 minutes ..13 minutes to write this blog before the lights need to be out! Sooooo busy today, there was literally not enough time in the day. Type faster Sonja!

I have schedules to write, a workout to get in, athlete office hours, coffee with a friend, and errands galore. I got everything done, just by the skin of my teeth and as you see this post is a rush job. As busy as I was today I feel so lucky that I have a great job, get to interact with amazing athletes on a daily basis, get to help people reach their goals, and have a family who understands how much my work means to me.

Breakfast was normal and I ate while sitting on annies bed and instructing her on how to clean her room. It's hard when you are 8. I had sweet potato hash, eggs and avo. Duh! Forgot a photo!

Lunch....have to thank Troy for this. I was at the coffee shop banging out schedules and he know I wouldn't eat the food there bc it's not Whole 30. So he shoved in my computer bag a thing of nuts, lunchmeat, cucumbers, and apple slices. I forgot to take a picture so when I got home I asked if he could make it for me again so I could post it. And he did...and then I ate it....hahah!

photo 2

Dinner I made the West African stew from Well Fed 2. I LOVE this recipe, so easy and yet the tastes are so foreign and exotic. But I was back writing schedules and so Troy had to finish it. He delivered it to me at the computer. He's such a stand up guy.

photo 1

Today he did so many love gifts for me it's got me all sweet on him right now. He did all my laundry, helped me to prep food for the next few days, and even sorted and laid out all my clean clothes. He made me snacks and worked and read with pookette. I am one lucky girl!

That's all I've got time for, hope you all had a great day, I'm off to BED!

Oh, the video blog is of course being posted by Troy while I close my eyes. He will embed it here tonight.