I forgot what day 5 of Whole 30 feels like. Oh, it's just so wonderful, I had great energy today and got so much done including 3 workouts. Coach definitely hit the ground running with this weeks sessions and it was nice to spend a huge chunk of the day getting my sessions in.

Sleep last night was really bad. I handed the computer over to Troy last night at 9:32pm and turned the lights off. Because I had been GO GO GO all day I couldn't get to sleep. I kept my eyes shut though. The cat crawled up on Troy and I accidentally opened my eyes to look at the cat and saw the clock say 11:07. Ug. Then about 1am Annie came into our room and we sent her back to her room. But I still couldn't sleep and was just rolling around keeping Troy up so I went down and crawled in with Annie. She had 2 nightmares while I was in with her, so we were up talking about those. One was that a 4 headed electric eel was trying to drown her in the ocean, and another one was a zombie situation. Today was her first day back to school, so I think she was just having some anxiety.

Long story short I got like 5 hours of sleep, max...and 5 interrupted hours...this despite the fact that I was in bed with my eyes closed for 8.5 hours. Grrrr! But today was full of tiger blood and high energy. I'm just hoping I can get caught back up and get some normal sleep tonight. This is a hard habit to break.

I ran with my friend Dave today who I haven't run with in like 2 years. It was so awesome to catch up.

photo 3

I didn't have any sweet potato hash for breakfast so I just cut up some peppers and mushrooms and spinach and zucchini. I scrambled 2 eggs into those and topped with avocado and salsa. It was good, but not as good as my normal breaky.

photo 4

I had Osmo Actice during my workouts today, and Osmo Recovery mixed with almond milk after 2 of my sessions today. I can tell that having a recovery drink really helps keep the "starvin' marvin" at bay until I can make my next meal.

For lunch I sautéed a chicken breast, and added zucchini and peppers and mushrooms. I did an extra serving of veggies because it sounded good.

photo 2

For dinner Troy made the Salmon cakes from Well Fed 2. He hates using the canned salmon, says that there are too many bones, but boy are they good. We are just going to use fresh salmon next time, he said it would probably be quicker. To go with our cakes I threw some sweet potato and sautéed chicken chunks into a pre made soup that I bought the other day because I saw that it was Whole30. It was a sweet potato Thai, and very flavorful, it came in a box and I got it at King Soopers. This was a GREAT meal, perfect for an athlete!

photo 1

I was in such a good mood today I had quite a bit of fun with my video blog! I'm hoping Youtube doesn't take it down. I think my monkey hat is my silly hat!