Last night I went to bed at 10:30. Ug. Troy said I fell asleep at right about 11pm, so a little better as far as sleepless eyes shut time. I've decided I'm going to try to do a gentle movement of the bed time. So tonight I'm aiming for 10:15, and then I'll keep moving it up. I am going to keep with a 6:30 wake up time though. Lots of training today and I thought it would make Whole30 a challenge but it actually worked out quite well. I'm finding more and more that a recovery drink after more of my sessions is helping to make a successful Whole30. I had 4 training sessions today and I had Osmo recovery after 2 of them. It really helped hold me over and then when I had my next meal it hit the spot.

We went out to breakfast today, like at a restaurant...on a school day. Living wild, I know! But we were all up early and so we got Annie ready for school and then went out to eat. It was such a treat. We went to a pancake place and I was able to have a scrabble that had eggs, spinach, and sausage in it. It had a few little potatoes on the side, which I ate, and instead of a side of pancakes, I got a side of fruit. The sausage was home made in-house and I knew if it had sugar in it, I would know within minutes. No sugar! I was shocked, and stoked!

photo 3

It was a busy but productive morning, I got some grocery shopping done and a ton of food prep. Then I headed out to swim. Upon getting home I threw together such a good Whole30 meal. Some sweet potato hash, some mixed veggies (jicama, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber) with salad dressing on it, and 2 of the Salmon Patties from last night. This meal did not disappoint. Take note how much taller Troy is than me....

photo 2

I actually had about 90 minutes of free time today. Whew! What a luxury after the last few days. I explored the web, and transferred all my food blog entires to my big, hairy, long-term blog (if you are reading this you successfully made the switch). Then it was time to get on the hog. Then off the hog and in the weight room, then out of the weight room and onto the treadmill. What a day!

Once home, I was hungry! I had a recovery drink, but I wanted real food. We had lots of prepped veggies but no meat, so I mixed a pound of ground bison with some Wildtree Chipotle Lime Rub and some Ranchers Steak Rub, made it into baby patties and cooked it up. Baby patties cook really quickly and are tasty, try is sometime! I had some sweet potato with ghee, half an avocado (to remind Jordan to eat more fat) and some of my veggie medley. So satisfying. So much work, but so worth it!

photo 1

Today was a really great day, I'm so happy to be back training again, even if it seems like the climb back up the mountain is daunting. It's not like I haven't been here a million times before. Mostly, I am really thankful that I have my health, and that my body functions like a well oiled machine with very few hiccups. That's not something a lot of people can say, and I don't take that for granted.

Video Blog #6 - moving right along. Does anyone have any ideas for things I should discuss or explore on the video blog?? I could use some help, I have 94 more of these to do (Eek).