Today I got a comment on my blog that kinda took me down a level. I'm no stranger to criticism, although I will say that through the years I have tightened my circle and I have learned to value criticism mostly from sources that I have a high level of trust with. My family, my coach, my close training partners, and a few close friends. But today I had someone comment on this blog that really felt that I was a sham to the Whole30 concept, that by drinking Osmo I was doing a disservice to my followers, and that I basically shouldn't call this a Whole30. And I'll tell you, maybe I shouldn't?? Although her words seemed harsh and critical towards me, I'm trying to think that if she spoke so harshly, maybe this means a lot to her, and so I'm trying to be sensitive to that.

With the Whole30, the authors of the book "It starts with food" are very black and white. The rules are the rules and that's that. I also found the same thing on the forum, the moderators are of the same mindset of the authors (I guess we call them founders) of Whole30 and I remember seeing and reading a few posts of people talking about how if you weren't 100% compliant you weren't doing Whole30. If you had an accidental slip you were okay, but if it was intentional, you weren't Whole30.

The commenter really called me out on my inconsistencies. And she's right, I'm probably not 99% whole30, add the Osmo in and I'll give myself a 82% compliance, heck if it makes her feel validated I'll go with 35%. I surely don't want anyone to feel angry or upset with my choice of number.

She found the spots where I wasn't compliant and when I look back on those days and think about the sugar that was in my bottle to get through a 5 hour ride, or the coke I drank on the Ironman course in the midst of breaking the amateur course record, I was no longer a Whole30er. My choices were intentional.

And I keep telling myself, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is so good for you, even just trying is so good for you, don't be a perfectionist. My personal motto is "Health First" and I felt like I had taken a huge step in the right direction.

So where am I going with this? I just want to be really clear. You my dear "followers," I love you all, but I am not posting for you. I am so glad you are finding health (if you are) or entertained by my posts (which you may or may not be), but I am not prefect, I am not ever going to be, nor do I desire to be. I am a work in progress and I always will be, and I like that. I will continue to do what I think is right for me, my family, and my endurance goals, no more, no less.

If you are 100% compliant I give you a huge pat on the back. I'm so proud of you for your achievement, you go!

If I have confused or befuddled any of you, if you feel the victim of "disservice" I will tell you this now, I am not an expert, I am a girl, who likes to be outside, and likes to try to get a little healthier every day. I am not the owner of Whole30, I'm just a girl, making food in her kitchen, posting it on a blog that she writes so she can look back on her life when she's 80. That is all.

If you want to know the details of Whole30 and how they want you to eat pre/during/post workout then YOU go read the book. I'm just going to be over here, doing my Health First thing.

Breakfast: the typical. Sweet Potato Hash with eggs and avocado.

photo 3

Lunch: Some left over burger patties, sweet potato with ghee, veggie salad, and avocado. Yes, heating up my burger patties overcooked them, yes they were chewy, and yes, I ate them anyways!

photo 2

Dinner: I finally made the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed (not 2...the original). It was really good, but it did have to simmer on the stove for 2 hours which I didn't quite plan for! I topped it with some sweet potato, and avocado, and had a bowl of veggies on the side.

photo 4

I had recorded a Day 7 video blog at the pool today, but after having a conversation about Whole30 with Troy I asked if he would record a little conversation with me. I just watched it and I want to share it for my Day 7 Video Blog.  My husband is incredibly shy, and so I am rally thankful that he let me do this. Love you babe.