What a great Sunday I've had! Working with Kristi in the pool today was a totally awesome experience. She has some shoulder issues and we are really trying to work on her form to alleviate the pressure on her shoulders. We made some nice progress today in that regard. I just feel so passionate about my athletes success, it's awesome to see things click. Sunday is schedule writing day and tends to be the most stressful of my week, but today I had more focus and clarity than usual. We had terrific office hours today and the crew asked some great questions about running track, ironman nutrition, and using 70.3s during their Ironman builds. It's been fun, this year some of my athletes have put picking the races they are doing this year in my hands, so I have built a few yearly plans and I'm excited to see those get executed. All in all, really good stuff.

I had a great run today, it was on the treadmill while I had Kristi spin out her legs. I messed around with some different inclines on the tready and now I'm excited to incorporate some of that into my athletes schedules (insert evil laugh here). Many of their sessions stem from things I have done here or there through the years.

Food today was awesome. I made sweet potato/eggs breaky...the usual but without avocado because I didn't have any. Lunch we went to Smashburger and I didn't have the bun, but had sweet potato fries and the innards of the burger (patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and some bacon...just one slice).


For dinner Kristi and I were coming home from the gym so we swung by and got Chipotle. It was more eating out than I usually have but it was all really good food, and when it's good food I don't really sweat it. I had a bit of a headache this morning, not sure from what.

I'm sucking in the Sleep30 department. I'm still not a morning owl. I'm trying but I'm still struggling here. Today I hit snooze. 4:30 just seemed so early and I flunked morning person school today.

Dina asked me if I could talk about inspiration and motivation on the video blog (every time I write v-log it gets autocorrected.....) and so I did.

Also, before I go, I want to chat a little about motivation. If you are doing something you love, like triathlon, and you are needing motivation to get out the door, or going through a funk, I have a little advise. First off, it can happen, it's normal, you can get in a lull, but I will tell you this. Through the years I have learned that it isn't really worth it to force it. If I am lacking motivation, I usually just don't train. GASP! WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Yes, most of the time, if I'm just not feeling it, I skip it.

I just don't want triathlon to be about delayed gratification. I want to WANT to do it every day, and I think doing it when I don't want to is the shortcut to getting burned out. So, I generally just skip a session when I'm not feeling the love. It means letting go of perfection, but then when you have some stellar races despite (and maybe because) you skipped some stuff, you start to realize, Oh, it's kinda a little special secret in the sport. Bottom line is that most of us are plenty trained, but sometimes our mojo is overtrained. I work best when I value both equally.