I have so many posts coming down the line, so much to document on the past few months! I wanted to first talk about my new wetsuit! I have been really following the SwimSmooth website for a few years now. I wish I lived in Perth and could swim with this crew, sometimes I dream about swimming with them (sad, I know). When Paul with SS started talking about the HUUB wetsuits I knew I wanted to look more into them. Paul at SwimSmooth has a keen eye for working on things and advising in a no nonsense way. I find his guidance practical and functional, which can be hard to find in the over marketed, lots of useless crap industry of triathlon (there I said it). I was previously swimming in a TYR Freak. It's marketed as the bees knees but I had a few issues with mine personally. It tore extremely easy. Almost every time I put it on, it got a new rip. I have had several wetsuits in my days and this one was the most fragile. So I knew I wanted a new more sturdy suit.

Second, I'm a kicker. I actually swim slower in a wetsuit because it lifts my legs up more than I am used to and my balance gets off. Then I become a wonky mess out there.

Third, it was cold. I got cold in it.

When I started looking into the HUUB suits they really addressed that there is a difference between developing swimmers and developed swimmers. We as triathletes think that if it works for the fastest, it works for the slowest and the bottom line is that's not always true and it's not true for me. Most suits are marketed on buoyancy and that wasn't helpful for me. HUUB makes a suit called the Aura for chicks just like me who don't need the buoyancy, they need to retain their feel for the water, need to keep ahold of some sort of kick.

The Unique buoyancy levels of the Aura allows the swimmer to maintain an effective kick and waterline position designed to maximise flow around the body and improve swim speed by not lifting the body too high out the water.       ---HUUB website


photo 3

They also make the "aXena" for the opposite swimmer type (like Michelle), the chicks who grew up swimming and have that beautiful body line in the water already, who usually swim faster in their wetsuits. Those girls have a HUUB option too. Check out the aXena. I hope that someday I'm ready for the fast girl wetsuit, but for now, I'm so appreciative that I have a suit that maximizes where I am at right now.

So I  went ahead and bought an Aura. I've been swimming in it for about 6 months now. I swam in it in Australia for 2 weeks straight. It took a little getting used to as all new wetsuits do, but once I realized I didn't have to fight it any more, I started really loving it.

I have raced Oceanside and Wildflower in it and let me say, it's so nice to really feel comfortable in your suit. Also nice that it's durable, and warm! I was perfect in Oceanside this year! I can kick in my HUUB Aura, it even has lighter stretchy fabric in my calve area. I found the buoyancy to be "there" but not overwhelming to knock me off balance.

photo 4

I know that other brands are dominating the US market and I have my opinions on that, but if you are looking for a suit that might fit your particular swim style, check out HUUB, I sure love mine!  I have had steady consistent swims this year and just feel like I am finally not fighting the wetsuit. Huge sigh of relief!

I got the skin suit they make for Hawaii this year. It's purple...that alone will make me swim fast!

photo 2

Oh, and one last thing, HUUB sent me a free pair of goggles when I ordered my suits. I can not stop wearing these since the moment I put them on. I have had one pair this entire year so far and it's all I wear, pool, open water, you name it, I love these goggles. Highly recommend!


Happy swimming!!! I know I'm enjoying it a lot more this season!