Usually, a week after a big race...that I did well in...I get the blues. It happened last year after Nationals, it happened this year after Alcatraz, and I was fully expecting for it to happen after Portland. The race went great, the trip went great, everything was just great great great. Usually that means I'm gonna crash hard. Well, where is it? I thought I would be disappointed that I would have to resume to base miles when I was in the best shape of my life, but not so. I got to ride the Epic loop yesterday and I was so excited to get back up in the hills on my bike, back to the places I fell in love with this year. I got to do a leisurely swim paired with a 10 mile run today, and I was just having a blast. Next week I have a 20 mile run on tap and I am so excited to go do it.

New, fun, exciting things are on the horizon and I can't wait to drag you all on the journey with me.

Here's to hoping that the post Portland blues never surface!!

Happy Trails.