One huge thing Troy and I have changed this year in our marriage is to incorporate some "family goals". As I got more and more into the athletic world where goals are rampant, we thought it would be a good idea to have both personal goals and family goals. It helps us to structure our lives, our priorities, and our money. It keeps us on the same page, and we feel like we are progressing towards something big together, which has really helped our marriage. Troy and I's main family goal this year has been to become debt free. Without going into too many details, cause it's kinda personal...we hit a huge milestone last week. We've been working aggressivly for 10 months on it...we paid off our car note. Granted it started out as a Subaru note, and turned into a VW note, but note none the less. So, although it's a 2001... although I hit the garage door and ripped off the antenna... although we only have one key to it and it's kinda broken... although it needs new tires... IT'S OURS.

You have no clue how good that feels. We are not quite debt free, still working on one final debt and aiming for the end of the year to be done, but it was a huge relief for Troy and I to be free of the car note.

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