I signed up for a 50K trail race today. Yea, you heard me, 50K. Like for some reason a marathon isn't enough, and a marathon on trails isn't enough. No, let's try on 31 miles off-road for size. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson from the experience below, oh no, I'm back for even more: Mile 24 of Denver Marathon marathon.jpg

The funny thing, I am so darn excited about it. Remind me of this comment at mile 27. It's in Moab, on the 15th of November. I love Moab, and Troy and I used to go there every year. It's actually where Troy and I kinda "knew" we were going to get married. At a gas station of all places.

We haven't been back since Annie was born, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to a great town. Again, remind me of this comment come 15 hours after the race when I probably will not be able to walk to breakfast. I will be running the race on Annabelle's 3rd birthday. I'm sure I will spend considerable miles reminiscing about the pain I was in three years back, most likely comparing it to the pain I am in during the race. I let you know afterwards which was worse.

Signing up for the race today and experiencing the giddiness that ensued I was reminded how much I love a good adventure. I always tell myself that I come to triathlon as an adventure racer at heart, although the only adventure racing I have done involves a 2 year old, and traffic. I'm more grit than grace, and I believe Steve's words today were "You have bigger balls than most guys I know". Uhhh, thanks...I think? Of course, he does hang out with a lot of rather feminine male triathletes who shave their legs...where was I going with that? So anyways..here I go, off to more epic adventures that will test me. I just keep pushing the limits of "Is this still fun?" So, if anyone is in the mood to do some long distance running over the next month and a half, let me know, I'm your girl.