Style and function, at it's best. midtown_large.jpg

For several months I have had the luxury of putting Core Concepts Midtown Jacket through the ringer. It’s been fun, trying to thrash this jacket. Unfortunately, it still looks the same as the day they sent it to me, even after being washed and accidently dried numerous times.

When you see this coat, your first reaction is that it’s just for around town. You would be mistaken. The technical fabric makeup of the Midtown jacket puts it in a position to be worn anywhere you’re in the mood to do the wearing, which for me, was everywhere. It went hiking, it went biking, it went running, it saw some surprise rainstorms, and how did it handle all that? Flawlessly. The best part was that it is cute enough to head off to dinner in afterwards.

My favorite two parts of the Midtown jacket are the chest pockets and the fuzzy sleeves. The chest pocket fits my cell phone, my credit cards, and a power bar, all at once without changing the look of the coat, or making me look oddly, lopsidedly, well endowed. The sleeve is misleading. By the pictures you would think that it’s a rather wide sleeve that may get drafty. Not so, there is actually an inner sleeve that is made of soft, fuzzy, Plartec® Windpro® that hugs your wrist and keeps out the draft.

My only caveat: Beware of the waist straps when using the restroom. They have a tendency to take a dip!

If you are looking for a dual purpose, well fitting, stylish coat that has a great mix of fashion coupled with functionality, make your way over to the Core Concepts online store, and order yourself the Midtown Jacket.