Things have been going great here on the post-season training front. I am working on getting my next years schedule together and having a blast putting in some long and fast miles. I've been testing a few new products for Core Concepts and that has been fun! mypicture.jpg

I've been back in the pool and have really been enjoying the new Masters group I swim with. It's totally cut-throat, but now that lots of Practical Coaching folks are attending at least there are a few friendly faces around. I really like the coach Paul, he's very helpful. Swimming with 6 girls in my lane is intense, but in a good way, and 4000 yards seem to fly by!


Also of exciting note is that Michelle and Beth found out that they got roll down slots to Worlds in Australia! It's so exciting to see two of my favorite lady-training-partners get their slots and the ensuing excitment. Congratulations ladies!

Still no news on a Worlds slot for me, no email, no phone call. So, I'll just keep waiting to see if Australia is a possibility. It's one of those things that you can't think much about until you know a yes or no, no point in speculating!


So, training continues. Building up the base miles, trying to desperately hold onto what speed I now possess. Paul at masters today gave us an interesting talk about base training and loosing your speed. It gave me some interesting things to think about and discuss with Steve. I love hearing different points of view about training.