I just watched Craig Alexander run himself to a blazing victory in Kona. This race has a special place in my heart today because I will be attempting Ironman Canada in 2009. From Olympic to Ironman in one season; big step, and one that I have been keeping on the down-low until Steve announced it this week to the Practical Coaching team. Kona was very exciting to watch today, and it made me wonder what trials and tests are in store for me over the next months.

I got a little teary hearing the announcers talk about Craig Alexander and how for many years he couldn't afford to bring his family along to races or abroad to where he trained. Troy and I are definitely struggling with that balance this week and it just hurt my heart to conceptualize what an amazing athlete he is, and still, his family had to stay home. He has said many times that his family is his main support and I sympathized a lot with that. It wasn't until he won a 200K purse prize that he was able to start bringing his family along.

Putting together next years race schedule is causing me to sweat. It looks like USAT Short Course Nationals will be the weekend of August 22/23 in Alabama, and then for me, following one week later will be Ironman Canada. If Worlds becomes a reality, then that race is 2 weeks after Ironman Canada. So, needless to say: Olympic, Ironman, Olympic in 3 different countries in one month. Sweating Bullets.

Troy and I have no clue how any of this is going to be done, or if it's even possible, and at this point I am having a little trouble seeing the forrest through the trees. On one hand I keep thinking "How am I going to do this", but on the other hand I am so thankful to have a plethora of options, rather than the alternative. It definitely gets tricky in triathlon when your options are limitless and the decision is up to you!

Again...feeling very blessed, but a little overwhelmed too.

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