Well, it's been three weeks since Nationals and Steve urged me to call USAT today and inquire into my prospects with a Worlds slot. I put in a phone call today and it was just returned. This is what I was told.

Since I am aging up next year, this is how they handle it. They age everyone up to their appropriate groups for next year and then they offer the top 16 automatic slots and they roll down to 20.

So what place was I once they did this?



The nice lady at USAT said "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we won't be offering you a Team USA slot and you won't be going to Worlds".

Yup, that's definitely one way to put it. That's what they say when 19th just wasn't quite good enough.

Although I'm disappointed, I am sticking to my previous post. I had a great race, I raced my heart out, and I can't be more proud of my performance, Worlds slot or not.

I wish Michelle, Anthony, and Beth the best of luck at Worlds, and also good luck to Steve who has been appointed the official coach of Team USA.

The one good thing? Now I won't be bugging all of you, my loyal blog readers, with my fundraising activities.