It's way to cold here in Denver. Like 30's today. Brrr. Annie and I say NO MORE. Plus Troy is in his final week of exam study, and he's getting a little nuts-zo. Let's just say the car keys have been found in the fridge several times. And the milk in the bathtub, yeah, that was strange. We are escaping! Annie and I are headed to California for a week. We are leaving the absent minded actuary all by himself to cram cram cram for this last week. If you see a large pillar of smoke towards the tech center you might want to call him to make sure he didn't put the clean laundry in the oven.

We know he's going to do great on his test, and we will be back the night after he sits for his exam. In the meanwhile, we will be hangin' in Cali, soaking up the mid 80 degree weather. We'll be hitting up the beach, doing long runs on the trails, and riding with my dad and his buddies.