ride1.jpg Last Saturday was such a hoot. Dad and I left Annie with my mom for some grandma spoilage and headed off for some fun in the outdoors. There was a local low-key hill climb event that my dad's coworker Rich had told us about. I've never done a bike specific race, much less up a gnarly hill, but what the hay, when in Rome? ride2.jpg

We found our way to the very low key start, I got in a relaxed warm up. After a few brief instructions from the race director we rode to the start which consisted of riding down the 3 miles of hill that we were about the race up. The "bottom" was a closed entrance gate and everyone pooled down there. It was a rolling start but on a really steep uphill. The race was started and I couldn't clip in. I was in the wrong gear despite consciously attempting to be in the correct gear. I stopped several steps up the hill to get in the right gear. I walked back down the hill and tried again, and again. And finally I got going. Most of the field was long gone and I was left with the others that were trying desperately to clip in, like myself. Ha! What a hoot. From there I just rode hard. I'm so used to climbing 1-2 hour hills and this entire climb took me like 18 minutes, so it was a bit of an interesting race for my conditioning. The first part was so steep I would have been really concerned to drive a car up it, but it was rather short in duration. The last half was gradual with rollers through the trees and I got a lot of momentum and rode this section really hard.


My dad was at the top taking photos and that was great. I talked to a few of the ladies who came in ahead of me and waited with my dad until the last finisher came in and we packed up and headed to the next adventure.

I had a 23 mile run on tap for the day, but I have been having some issues with my foot. It's felt like I had a bruised heel, but after talking some with Steve I think it's actually my sciatic nerve acting up. I have been doing all the exercises he gave me to do and it was feeling really good, but you just never know until you run on it. Dad and I drove out to Wilder Ranch which is north of Santa Cruz right on the water. The trails go up in the hills and are super steep with ocean views. Awesome. Right before I got out of the car to run my phone got some coverage and in popped a voicemail from Steve saying to go easy, don't run 23 miles. That eased my mind a bit.

Dad and I took off, he on his bike, me on my feet. We had the best time running all around Wilder Ranch and the best part was the last 3-4 miles where we ran on this trail that was directly on top of the bluff above the ocean. It was gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered. We ended up running for 2 hours 30 minutes, not sure how far b/c I don't have a garmin, but it felt great the whole way.

No soreness after the run at all and today (Monday) I'm feeling like the exercises have done the trick b/c I am 100% pain free.

Dad and I had such a great day together, it ended with a Halloween Party in Santa Cruz with family friends, and meeting back up with mom and Annie.

Puurfect day.