Crazy Times! Last night Annie and I went to the airport (with my mom helping me with the 3 bags, car seat, and bike box) to catch our 7:30 flight. It was delayed until 9:50. Yea, no way I was going to do that. So I had the lady book and confirm us on the 7:15am flight today. We got to stay an extra night. Mom and I got a little more time together. Troy got to drink more beers than usual after his exam and didn't have to worry about sobering up to come get us at the airport. Pook being silly on the plane. pa310009.jpg

But, ooh, up at 5am today, with a toddler to catch an early flight. I didn't sleep very well last night and I was TIRED! The plane was less than 25% full so Annie and I got our own row. I really tried to lay down and go to sleep, but Annie was in a impish mood. She was crawling all over me and trying to run up and down the aisles like a crazy banshee. She used the bathroom on the plane 4 times, mostly because I think she liked the confined space.

Pook and her impish face. pa310026.jpg

I surrendered and tried to balance playing with her and reading the manuel for my new camera. I was able to do both!

The first picture Pook has ever taken of me...all by herself. I'm a little sleepy, can you tell? pa310021.jpg

So why didn't I sleep last night?

Well, I've got a long run on the brain. Tomorrow is going to be epic, and then some. Most of the Practical Coaching crew is meeting tomorrow for a crazy attempt at some uber long distance trail running. The first three legs of the Colorado trail total up to about 41 miles. Some of us are going to attempt to run the entire thing. The first leg is 16 miles and almost everyone is going to run that one. A few are going to hang on and run leg two as well, and then there are the few crazies that will shoot for all three legs.

The weather is supposed to be fantastic, and Beth did an awesome job organizing all of the support crew. What an adventure! 41 miles. Whew! All right. Time to find out what I am made of!

Annie in her Halloween costume, with her Trick-or-Treat booty. pa310041.jpg