The birthday presents are wrapped (Annie is Saturday, Troy is Tuesday), the lasagna is made (homemade: noodles, sauce, and sausage), trail shoes, Kealty kid carrier, and cow bells are packed in the VW. Barring any major disasters we are ready to head out to Moab tomorrow morning. Kid puke, bakeries, and hot springs may sidetrack us slightly, but really, we are focused, we are ready, Moab or Bust!

Trying to wrap my head around this coming race has been tough. It's so long and the course is completely unknown. I have been preparing mentally to handle whatever gets thrown at me. I've prepared to go out slowly and calmly. My gear has been tested.

Nutrition: - HEED - Hammer Gel - Skittles - AB&J

Shoes - Brooks Cascadia 3

Choice of Attire - Black spandex shorts - Core Concepts Venture Bottom - Nike sports bra - Breathable singlet - Core Concepts Convertible Long Sleeve (product testing, but it's my go to top for trail running right now)

I fully expect this course to be a major challenge, that much has been made clear by the race director.

All I can do is race smart, keep the bull dog in me alert, and press on when I'm tired. It's time to go!