I thought some of you would appreciate a short update on the race. The race went great! I am alive, happy, and have a tummy full of lasagna. The Practical Coaching folks that ran all had great races. Beth was the 50K Masters Champion, Sandy was the 20 mile Masters Champion, Steve took a 3rd place 50K Masters placing! Andrea and Doreen had awesome races and experiences. Anthony had a great race as well.

I had quite the experience. Lots of ups, a few downs, some pain, but mostly great views and great company. I ran most of the race with Steve and Anthony which was the best part of the experience, comraderie! We paced the day really well, ramped up the intensity throughout and kept together. The last few miles were pretty painful, but Steve really helped me push on. It ended with a sprint finish (a guy was attempting a pass and we had not been passed once the entire day) and a 5th place womans placing (6 hrs, 41 min, ended up being 34 miles). WAY better than I ever hoped for.

Troy and Annie were amazing. Annie made a new best friend at the race, and Troy was the supportive rock star that he always is.

I took a ton of video and pictures during the race, so the race report (hopefully monday) will have lots of media. Until then!