So, I'm sitting here 3 days after Moab and trying to reflect a little. What on earth has happened to me? Things are changing, I am changing, my ideas about life and what I am capable of are changing. It's amazing how this happens; one day you are you, and the next day you have different ideas. It's not necessarily a gradual thing. Today I woke up with absolutely no aches or pains. Yesterday I had no aches or pains. Two days ago my calves and knees were a little sore. Three days ago I ran 34 miles. I'm noticing that's it's not doing the distance that broadens my horizons, well, I guess that's part of it, but an even bigger part is the lack of lasting effect it's having on my body. That's what really pushes me to think that I can go farther, or faster.

If feels like I just woke up one day and could run for a long ways. My standards of what is long have taken a 180 degree turn. Now, this is obviously a shift that needed to happen. Ironman afterall is not a short event. It's a good thing, I guess I'm just a little surprised that I am this comfortable with it.

Utradistance racing, from the little taste I just had, is totally totally addicting. The people, the atmosphere, the outdoors, the grueling nature of the miles, finding peace in the distance, yup, very addicting!

Chomp Chomp (me being bitten by the Ultra bug) Whoosh Whoosh (me taking off on the airplane) Toot Toot (riding the ferry) Ahhh Ahhh (i haven't been here since I was a kid) Run Run (because 34 only makes you want 50)