pb220381.jpg Another long trail run on tap today. I was extreemly anxious to see how my body was doing after last weekend and the subsequent hard week of training I have had. Steve got in the pool with me yesterday to work on my form, and then we went for a hard and fast 6 mile run. Boy did that hurt. I was reminded that speed leaves you quick. If you want to hold onto some of it through the off season, you have to incorporate some work to keep it. Yesterday's run hurt very badly, but was really good for me too.

I woke up this morning at 5:40...on a Saturday :). I headed to our meeting spot at Conoco and met up with some of my teammates. We ran up the road to the Lair o' the Bear parking lot, picked up more teammates and headed up for a nice 15 miler. The workout ended running the downhill on the road back to the car. My favorite part of today was when Steve let it loose on the single track and we ran hard and all out down the last section of hills. This is truly one of my favorite things in life, running fast downhill on crazy trails. My second favorite part was running with Michelle (my PIC) for a lot of the day. And, my third favorite part was strategizing on how Steve, Anthony and I plan to run the Catalina 50 miler on the way back down the road.

Great Workout Awesome Company


I celebrated the great workout with lunch and a margarita with Troy's side of the family. His brother is in town and his parents came down and took us out to lunch. It was divine. The margarita was the best one I have ever had and 10 minutes after lunch I was sound asleep on the couch. Thank you again to M&R for lunch. Pid, we miss you!

And, I took more video. I am working a little more on my skills. I am especially excited to see what my dad thinks. If you think these are lame and are dragging my blog down with them, please let me know!

Also, I have heard that some of you may not be able to view my video within my blog. If you can't you can go to my page on YouTube by clicking here, or by searching "swieck" on YouTube.