Wake Up: 6:30am I was up early but a little groggy today. I woke up on my own without an alarm, 8 solid hours of sleep and a natural wake up! But Troy said I was grumpy and he was right. I came down into the kitchen and there was no more fruit, that turned grumpy into angry. I stormed off, complete with an F-Bomb, and went to the store to purchase approximately $26.77 worth of fruit. After that, I was a little less grumpy, but not much.

photo 4

Breakfast 7:45am

Three Egg Muffins, half a cucumber, a tangerine/orange thingee, and half an avocado with RSR. This was a BIG breakfast and it was really good. I felt full and ready to attack the day. My mood was much improved.

photo 3

Swim 9:10am

About 1 hour. About 2800 Meters with Mikki. We had fun and swam 3x300 hard. There were loads of people in the pool and masters was happening as well.

Lunch 11:00am

I'm super upset about this. I took a photo. I TOOK A PHOTO. And my phone ATE it. The perfectionist in me is so let down right now. So, I had 1/2 an Egg Muffin, 1/4th of a Beef Patty, and 1/2 a sweet potato. Then I made a salad with Chicken, avocado, jicama, red onion, tomatoes and cucumber. I put some balsamic and EVOO on that and tossed it. I put a bed of spinach on my plate and filled the rest of it with Chicken Salad. Nom! This meal was LARGE, but I knew I needed it for my long ride.

Ride: 12:00

4 and 1/2 hours ride time, about 75 miles with Mikki. I had 3 bottles of Osmo, 2 Amrita bars, and 2 bananas. I had a steady happy feeling the entire ride and felt strong. No feelings of bonking or anything.

photo 1

Dinner: 5:45pm

MEATLOAF!!!! It was so good! 50% Pastured Beef and 50% Organic Turkey. Onions and herbs in there too. On the side I had Broccoli with Mustard/Mayo sauce, sautéed green beens with bacon, and sweet potato with Ghee. Totally filling and totally yummy. We had Mikki for dinner and she was happy that there was no gluten in anything. Everyone ate at the table and it's getting easier to eat as a family. All in all, really happy with this meal.

Oh, and I tried to make homemade Mayo today and it was a big fat failure!! BIG and FAT. And I wasted a $10 bottle of Avocado Oil in the process. I just googled a recipe and I stuck all the ingredients in my Vitamix and hit whirl. They never emulsified and it just didn't work and I was super sad and upset about it. I was depending on that mayo for the mustard mayo sauce, and I used our normal mayo, and it had a preservative, and I'm bummed about that too. And I wasn't going to eat the mustard/mayo sauce, but I ALWAYS have it on my broccoli, and therein lies the great thing about Whole30. It makes you question the "always" stuff...

photo 2

The Sugar Dragon:

Today we stopped about 50 miles into our ride at a Quickie Mart to refill bottles, use the restroom, etc. As I was filling up my bottle I looked over and next to the coke machine was a huge thing of doughnuts. Now it's 3pm and I'm sure those doughnuts had been there all day but my knee jerk reaction was to want one, and my mind immediately said "You just rode a ton, you can have that." The thought process didn't get any farther along than that, but it was there. I purchased 2 bananas and they were great!

I crave sugar! Remember the first time around with the Whole 30? I did 4 days (that's today!!) and then I binged on Annies Halloween candy, knowingly. Big sugar craving came on and I ate a pomegranate, and then I went back for more food and had some nuts and some veggies, then I finished that and Annie asked if I wanted an M&M and I buckled, had one, then sat down and ate 15 or 8 or 10 or something of her candies one after another after another. So do I have a sugar dragon, um, yea....

Mine looks like this:

(This is a dragon MADE out of sugar...it's a sugar dragon...and it's on a cake...this is exactly what mine looks like)


HALT! The email blast taught us abut Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? I feel like they should make a shirt with that on it. Sometimes I am all 4 of these things at once. Apparently, that is NOT the time to eat sugar (or fruit). Getting the sugar out of the house (candy is long gone) and having a distraction list will help me be successful. Average sugar dragon only stays around for 3-5 minutes, then he moves on to the folks with less resolve. I also found out that food cravings and sleep deprivation go hand in hand. This is a major AH-HAH for me and I would have to totally agree that this is true for me. I almost ALWAYS have crap when I'm low on sleep. Ding Ding!!!

Homework: List 10 distractions you can use whole the sugar dragon knocks on the door.

1) Take a 5 minute walk around the block

2) Call someone and have a chat.

3) Go find my knitting

4) Change the room I am in, go somewhere else.

5) go clean the bathroom sinks

6) throw in a load of wash.

7) go sit in the Normatec boots

8) go to bed and read

9) go make a meal plan or research recipes

10) go check out the Whole30 forum

Mood Grade: B-

I was not as peppy today, and I had some meltdown type behavior, but I was not a grump-o all day and I was a good mom and good coach today. The wife bit was a little off, but Troy understands.